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About The Journal

International Journal of Optical Science (IJOS) of Sciforce Publications is an interdisciplinary field of Optical Sciences. The journal publishes original research articles, book chapters, reviews, letters and short communications, rapid communications, and abstracts. Optical science is the branch of science that involves the study of behavior and properties of light. It mainly describes how the electromagnetic radiation generates, properties of that generated magnetic radiation, and the interaction of these radiation. Manipulation and control of these radiations are well explained. Focus on the discovery and application of new phenomena makes it differ from general optics and optical engineering. Electromagnetic spectrum can be spread from microwaves to X-rays which was recently developed by the researchers in optical science whose source is light. This field mainly includes the light generation and detection, linear and nonlinear optical processes, and spectroscopy. Optical sciences have been transformed from Lasers and laser spectroscopy. Its major study is also devoted to quantum optics and coherence, and to femtosecond optics.